Title:  Architectural Approaches to a Science Network Software-defined Exchange

Committee: Dr. Henry Owen, ECE, Chair, Advisor; Dr. George Riley, ECE; Dr. Raheem Beyah, ECE; Dr. Russ Clark, ECE; Dr. Mustaque Ahamad, CoC

Abstract: To interconnect research facilities across wide geographic areas, network operators deploy science networks, also referred to as Research and Education (R&E) networks. These networks allow experimenters to establish dedicated circuits between research facilities for transferring large amounts of data, by using advanced reservation systems. Intercontinental dedicated circuits typically require coordination between multiple administrative domains, which need to reach an agreement on a suitable advance reservation. The success rate of finding an advance reservation decreases as the number of participant domains increases for traditional systems because the circuit is composed over a single path. To improve provisioning of multi-domain advance reservations, we propose an architecture for end-to-end service orchestration in multi-domain science networks that leverages software-defined exchanges (SDX) for providing multi-path, multi-domain advance reservations. Our orchestration architecture increases the reservation success rate from approximately 50% using single path to at most 99% when four paths available. We evaluate our solution using GridFTP, one of the most popular tools for data transfers in the scientific community. Additionally, we propose an intuitive interface that domain scientists can use to request science network services from our orchestration framework. Furthermore, we present a federated auditing framework (FAS) that allows an SDX to verify whether the configurations requested by a user are correctly enforced by participating SDN domains, whether the configurations requested are correctly removed after their expiration time, and whether configurations exist that are performing non-requested actions.

Chung, J., Donovan, S., Bezerra, J., Morgan, H., Ibarra, J., Clark, R., Owen, H., “Novel Network Services for Supporting Big Data Science Research“, 12th Gateway Computing Environments Conference, October 23-25, 2017

SDX User Interface Demo:
Network Operator: https://youtu.be/EczfnoeHbgQ
Scientist: https://youtu.be/tjoKZNM41Qk
AtlanticWave-SDX’s Presentation | Poster | Paper
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Donovan, S., Chung, J., Sanders, M., & Clark, R. (2017, March). MetroSDX: A resilient edge network for the smart community. In Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops (PerCom Workshops), 2017 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 575-580). IEEE.

Abstract: Smart and connected communities and their associated edge devices are creating new demands on network services. Edge network connectivity is often not resilient to failures, leading to data loss when network devices are isolated by the failure of a single service provider, while other providers are still functional. We propose MetroSDX, a neutral network design that increases the resiliency of edge networks and global and local services, improves isolation of network functions, and preserves data from edge devices when they are disconnected. MetroSDX is a software-defined exchange, a meet-me point for exchanging computing, storage, and networking resources. This work focuses on MetroSDX’s approach to location specific resilience and performance in this multi-network paradigm with an eye towards addressing increased demands from the growing set of connected devices and services which will increasingly and inevitably require communication between and across elements connected to multiple networks.

Digital copy: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7917626/

Guo, Y., Feamster, N., Clark, R., Elliott, C., Gupta, A., Hu, H., Kim, H., Krishnamurthy, B., Krishnaswamy, P., Lehman, T., Mambretti, J., Reese, D., Sobieski, J., Song, H., Stern, D. (2016, February). Editors: Ricci, R., Feamster, N., “SDXes in Practice” Paper presented at SDIWorkshop16 in Report of the NSF Workshop on Software Defined Infrastructures and Software Defined Exchanges. Washington, DC, (pp 17-19) Retrieved July 2016, from http://www.flux.utah.edu/beyond-internet-workshops/sdi/sdi-workshop-report.pdf

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Hendriks, L.; Schmidt, R.; Sadre, R.; Bezerra, J.; Pras, A.. Assessing the Quality of Flow Measurements from OpenFlow Devices. 8th International Workshop on Traffic Monitoring and Analysis. Belgium, 2016

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Joaquín Chung, Jacob Cox, Julio Ibarra, Jerônimo Bezerra, Heidi Morgan, Russell Clark, Henry Owen: “AtlanticWave-SDX: An International SDX to Support Science Data Applications” ,Super Computing Conference(SC15) Software Defined Networking (SDN) for Scientific Networking Workshop, Austin, TX, 20 Nov, 2015

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Julio Ibarra, Jeronimo Bezerra, Heidi Alvarez,Donald A. Cox, III, Michael Stanton, Iara Machado, and Eduardo Grizendi: “Benefits brought by the use of OpenFlow/SDN in the AmLight intercontinental research and education network” ,IM 2015 – 14th IFIP/IEEE Symposium on Integrated Network and Service Management, Ottawa, Canada, 11-15 May, 2015

*IEEE/IM2015 Best Experience Paper Award

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