Leverage the network infrastructure between the U.S. and South America

AmLight Express and Protect (AmLight-ExP) networkWith the 100G Express path in service, failover scenarios will be tested using both Express and Protect paths of the AmLight-ExP network.  The AmLight Express ring inscribes Boca Raton, Miami, Fortaleza, and Sao Paulo.  The solid green segments represent the AmLight Express ring. The AmLight Protect ring inscribes Miami, Fortaleza, Sao Paulo, Santiago, and Panama City.  The solid orange ring represents the AmLight Protect ring.  For additional resilience, a 10G ring inscribing Miami and Sao Paulo (red dashed), and a 10G segment between Miami and Santiago (orange dashed) supplements the AmLight Protect ring.

The objective of testing failover scenarios milestone will be to use the AW-SDX to configure the AmLight-ExP network to use all paths in parallel. Failover scenarios will depend on the successful implementation of the proposed failure handling function. Network outages will be simulated, triggering events to move circuits between the Express (spectrum) and Protect (leased) circuits. The goal is to lower the impact of external events on the AmLight-ExP network.


Open Exchange Points (OXP)

Open Exchange Points (OPX) 2020

Network connections & capacity in the Atlantic

  • AmLight Express:

    6x100G links Boca-Raton-Miami, Fortaleza, Sao Paulo

  • AmLight-SACS: 1x100G link Miami, Fortaleza, Cape Town
  • Bella-S: 1500GHz acquisition RFS 2020, 2x100G waves initially

Open Exchange Points in the Atlantic

Amlight Amlight-SACS Bella-S Anna
SouthernLight SAX TBD MANLAN
AndesLight NetherLight
Paris OXP
London OXP