AW-SDX 2022.1.0

Release Date 06/23/2022
Tag 1.0.0

Major Changes

This first release is considered an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the AW-SDX Controller software suite. It consists of the basic implementation and integration of the major components: topology management, data messaging middleware, REST API service, and optimal path computation in a multi-domain exchange network environment. It forms the system core for the L2 and L3 network services and TE (Traffic Engineering) optimization for the next release.   

Packages and Components

SDX Controller

  • A REST API server that exposes endpoints for user applications to query the OXP topology information and post service requests.
  • The backend function for interdomain network topology management that includes topology assembly, validation, and updates from different domains via the SDX local controllers
  • The backend function for constrained shortest path computation and breakdowns (to different domains).
  • Client subscription to the Pub-Sub server
  • A database backend
  • Container-based deployment

SDX Local Controller

  • A REST API server that exposes various endpoints for domain provisioning systems to publish topology models and updates.
  • Interaction with the SDX-Controller via the Pub-Sub message queue middleware for topology and connection breakdown messages
  • Client subscription to the Pub-Sub server
  • Container-based deployment

Pub-Sub Message Queue

  • A RabbitMQ service that is responsible for communications between SDX-Controller and the SDX-LC
  • Bi-directional RabbitMQ communications based on topics
  • SDX-Controller, and cach SDX-LC subscribe to separate queues for effective communications.
  • Container-based deployment

Data Model

  • A set of schemes that define the topology and components description as well as requests.
  • A suite of software for topology management: parsing, assembly, validation, and conversion to different other formats that include GRENNML and Networks. 
  • Data model exchange functions between the SDX-Controller and SDX-LC
  • Interfaces to the optimization solver function in the CE (Computation Element) module.

Path Computation Element

  • Optimal solver implementation (based on the Google OR-Solver) for constrained shortest path
  • TE optimization under two different objectives: cost minimization and load balancing 

Kytos Topology Interface

  • Kytos-sdx-topology napp, Interface listening topology changes in Kytos and pushing Version or timestamp changes to SDX Local controller

SDX Controller Rest API Client Reference

  • API Client reference

SDX Local Controller Rest API Client Reference

  • API Client reference

Future Enhancement

Data Model

  • Extension to L2VPN services
  • Extension to L3VPN services
  • Extension to Measurement and BAPM support

Computation Element

  • An efficient heuristic for large-scale TE request
  • L2VPN protection

Pub-Sub Message Queue

  • Measurement 
  • BAPM support

CI/CD subsystem

  • Enhance the exception handling, logging, and the overall code quality
  • Establish the testing and review pipeline.
  • Further streamline the deployment of the system in a distributed environment

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